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We have the most Advanced  Platform  y Marketplace.

Maximum performance lexibility and control.

Intel CPU Server, servidores Intel Power
Servidores Memoria High rendimiento
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Advice and configuration

Necesitas ayuda? Todas las consultas iniciales y la configuración son gratis

Knowledge base

How-to guías y sugerencias de servicio

Advanced infrastructure hosting

Podemos trabajar con sus especificaciones.

99.9% uptime

Latest Technology

Server Monitoring

Contro de servicio y estado del equipo.

Professional Management

Deje que un equipo de expertos administre su servidor.

Technical Support

Soporte técnico personalizado.

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All dedicated servers enjoy network availability SLA and Power, 100%.
All Dedicated Servers come with a minimum of 10 TB of bandwidth. If not enough, a slight surcharge, you can change a solution unmetered traffic.
We build your server with high quality components, but even the best equipment can have problems. A hard drive, motherboard or power supply is about to fail?No problem! Our technicians will replace any defective part of your server in 4 hours or less, guaranteed.

The most advance platform...

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